unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own is called intolerance.Intolerance is opposite of tolerance and I am living in a society where intolerance level is insanely increasing , so if I say that there’s zero tolerance in our locality it wouldn’t be wrong.everyone around is impatient frustrated from his own life and surroundings.Newspapers come full of bloodshed every day, which makes the heart cry tears of blood.Everyone seems to be full of dynamite all the time. Just a spark is enough to ignite a fire.

Either you go to market, on a road or a public place there is a storm of exasperation Inside in all of us, no acceptance for argument particularly religious views ,insecurities in their lives and in the spirit .There is no area of life where intolerance does not have its poisonous toes.

The reason behind this overpowering is resentment which is not been produced all of a sudden, there is a long story behind the scenes.those little unnoticed things that are because of the individual’s own circumstances, family and state government is also responsible for the deprivation of the most important basic needs of life.

my beloved country Pakistan is lacking in prerequisites, we tantalise for

safe drinking water,



low incomes, inflation, poverty, injustice, corruption, insufficient health facilities and so on are our major drawbacks.

Thus the discouragement and disappointment is increasing day by day, some how we are personally responsible for such situation.

intolerance is increasing day by day in Family as well ,as the clear example of which we see in the case of marital relations deteriorating.In every other house, husband and wife quarrels have destroyed many families. The man woman looks ready to divorce each other .

Somewhere the mother stops her son strictly from talking to his wife and elsewhere If the husband is with his wife, then affix the label of woman disciple on him.

In some cases spouses are very satisfied with each other, but both parents and close relatives cause them to break in and make distances. The second major reason is that spouses and children to parents and parents to children are unable to give each other a quality time .

People sitting on the roof of a house feeling alien to each other on mobile phones and social media and these same distances and distances lead to intolerable fights and broken relationships.

If all of us are strictly adhering to our own moral values ,golden principles and higher teachings of our religions ,We can avoid not only the torment of intolerance but also the envy and the many physical and spiritual diseases.

What is coronavirus 2020

coronavirus is talk of the town around the globe today,every one around is curious and wants to be well informed about outbreak of this infection,but the wonderful thing is this,that it is not as much fatal as has been terribly reported due to the casualties. coronavirus is transmitted from animals to the humans and its most recent form is novel-corV. a large number of extreme fatal viruses are still not being transferred to the human body.

corona virus is belong to a large family of cold viruses, ranging from common cold to a sever form of MERS and SARS .corona is a droplet infection along with similar to any other flu virus in addition its target is nose ,sinuses and upper respiratory tract.


common symptoms are “



running nose


shortness of breath

and in more sever cases pneumonia,breathing difficulty,kidney failure ,secondarily complications and even death.


WHO recommendation for prevention of the disease is

Frequent hand washing.

Use of special masks to prevent nose and mouth from exposure.

Proper cooking of meat and eggs.

use of humidifier to moisturize air passages nose and throat.

cleaning and disinfect surfaces.

plenty of water and fluids intake.

boost immune system by fruits and juices.

Freelancers current position in Pakistan

so story begins with a competition of “logo designing” which was conducted by a leading freelancers community Q pro. Q pro is a battle field of designers,coders,digital marketers and IT professionals of Pakistan where, each and every competitor has to prove his potentiality of skills and expertise. Around 40% of Pakistani freelancers consist on graphic designers, hence to evaluate the creativity,mindset and work quality event was launched.

details of participants

 in addition this contest reflected some bitter truth “why” Pakistan is with 9% freelancers generating revenue of 1 billion US $ while the neighboring country 24% freelancers getting 400 billion US $ annual.

The judges were walking encyclopedia in there field, so the registration started on

25th Sep, 2019 and Closed on 07th Oct, 2019. Submission Closed on

11th Oct, 2019 and the Results announced on 19th Oct, 2019.

But the Alarming statistics added the disappoint.

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

Out of 200 entries 70% logos were copied just minor modifications were made.

Even a single logo couldn’t,t get 5 star rating instead of ignoring numerous mistakes,

Reasons behind:

low level skills due to :

No alt text provided for this image


Now it is time to think and reschedule our goals and motives for future, whether we could stand in international market, survival is far away in this we would move forward towards highly paid skills and compete in international market to earn a remarkable revenue for our country.

our professionals would have to face such a terrible outcomes subsequently.

These figures are eye opening facts for us more over we will remain in beginner level skill and drastic decline in creativity.

quality is as equally important besides quantity so for this reason Q pro took initiative and played its role to enhance capabilities of those individuals who are seriously intended to grow their skills, thus through meet ups,free training sessions and contests bringing close together experts and beginners. ( Idea Logo Ka – Contest Winner ) ( Participants ) ( Recent Qpro Meetups ) ( Recent Qpro Workshops )

qpro are the pioneers to guide the youth in a right direction so lets join hands together in this great cause and play are role by sharing this message to all ,

No alt text provided for this image

after all the “KING” of virtual world is he who can rule the market with his certain attributes such as creativity,integrity and leaves a legacy in the form of spreading his knowledge to others.

Being Successful

    Success is a state of mind, a feeling of being victorious in-spite of losing or winning .
  • There are always some principles which needs to be followed for any individual in every position so these are the keys to unlocking the doors of success.
  • This universe is working under some rules and principles hence we see an order of duty, simple example is gravity ,we can stand and walk successfully through it but when man thought of flying there needed to follow the another law to get rid of gravity and this was “speed ” which left behind its power to pull down and enabled the man to lift up.
  • Thus a great milestone was achieved when certain laws were followed ,this is applicable in all areas of life
  • Every one wants to be successful in life but not willing to pay bill it is not possible to eat the fruits without ploughing.
  • We see under privileged people in a extreme contentious conditions ,they are under the way of spiritual order they are successful in their own way.
  • There fore uttering the laws and hard work is the foundation of success.

What is Life

Life is entirely a distinct phenomena for everyone. Blessing for one but on the other hand ” life is not bed of roses ” for other, So this is a matter of personal opinion which is based on ones own experience, hence We have to spend it despite our experiences good or bad. Is there any formula for a peaceful happy life that is another story, having a good relationships,Prosperity ,spiritual life or something else.

Life is all about how you pursue Leaving a question for you